5UP Group
Creative Studio


The 5UP Group has grown out of the love of being creative.  Dan started doing landscape photography and selling prints at Civil War collector shows.  This morphed into a part-time, then quickly into full-time portrait and wedding photography business. As he showed business marketing pieces to fellow business owners, they started to ask if he could do the same for them, then printing came in as well as websites. The 5UP Group consists of Dan & his daughter Josie.  Josie grew up watching her father photograph portrait sessions at the studio and sitting with him as he did design work. Her whole life revolved around creativity, it is no surprise she picked it up.  Now Josie is attending Full Sail University for a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, and no doubt, great things are on the horizon for her. Everything we do ties in together to help your company. Now the newest mix in the 5UP Group is doing photo editing for our wedding photography clients with retouching and restoration.  What we do has evolved out of providing the best services for our clients. Have something you need to be done? Just ask...